Kansas City, MO

I'm T. L. Bainter

Writer, Designer, Composer, Vegan, and IT Professional.


I have been vegan for over two years. My time as a vegan has been divided between cooking, activism, event attendance, and generally expanding my social circle.

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Since I was five years old, I’ve shown a significant interest in writing. I received an Honorable Mention from the Writers of the Future competition back in 2013. Shortly after that, I published my first novel: How I Ruined My Life.

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IT Career

I have been an IT Professional for five years. My first IT job was that of a datacenter technician. Since then, I’ve moved on to Systems Administration, Domain Administration, and (currently) Technical Analysis.

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Some Things I Love

I’m a bit of a Jack-of-All Trades, though I’m making every effort to become a master of at least some of these things. The result of my various passions is a chaotic mess, but I’m hoping that this website will help to organize the madness.

Game Design

One of the things I am most passionate about is Game Design and Development. I channel this passion through my company: Rhetrosoft, LLC.

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Not only do I love listening to music, I also enjoy creating it! I have two albums released under the title ‘4Pages Burning’ and a third album is in the works, promising to be my best one, so far!

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I absolutely love animals–it tends to come with the territory of being vegan. If you follow my Instagram account, you’re bound to see pictures of my cat and random animals I encounter!

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Writing has been a passion of mine for twenty years–really, since I could first put a word on a page. I have always had a story in my head that just needed to find a way out. I’ve even published a book!

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Who doesn’t love food? Since going vegan, I’ve found a whole new area of food that’s just waiting to be discovered. It has led to experimenting in the kitchen and trying restaurants I never would have considered!

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One thing I fully intend to start doing is traveling more frequently–even if it’s just a weekend trip. I already have plans to go to Iceland next year so I can knock off a bucket list item: seeing the northern lights!

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The Imperfect’s Journal

A prologue to the novel I’m currently working on. The Imperfect’s Journal is free to read on Wattpad!

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Professional Experience

IT Experience

IT Professional

I have been working in Information Technology for over five years. My first job was as a datacenter technician in Dallas, Texas. Since then, I have worked as a Systems Administrator and (most currently) a Technical Analyst.


Things I Support

There are so many wonderful charities, individuals, teams, and studios out there that have earned my support. Whether they’re non-profits, twitch streamers, tutorial-creators, or game devlopers, they all get a bit of my income. If you’re looking for someone/something to support, here are some that I highly recommend.


Kansas City Pig Rescue Network

Able Gamers

Chariy for Gamers with Disabilities

Thin Matrix

Independent Game Developer

Chain of Hope

Shelter for Abused Animals

Available Projects

Here are some things I’ve created that are readily available to the public.

A Coming-of-Age novel that takes a realistic look at the angst-ridden journey one takes while growing up. The main character is raw, real, and easy-to-hate, but you can’t help but find something relatable in his story.

How I Ruined My Life

a Novel

Say It If You Mean It is the second album released under the artist name 4Pages Burning. It is an 8-track instrumental album with soul, lounge, and glitch-hop influences. This is the precursor to the third album: Black Light.

Say It If You Mean It

an Album

A Kansas City Game Development company with T. L. Bainter as the CEO and lead designer. This studio is still in its early stages as its team members learn the ropes of game development, but it already has two published games!

Rhetrosoft, LLC

an Indie Game Dev Studio